Jay Johnson
Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach
I help entrepreneurs & athletes improve their mental game and create changes to unlock a new level of performance.
Sound like you?
  • You're a high performer with big goals
  • ​You're hitting a plateau and feel stuck
  • ​You're ready to up-level your mindset
  • ​You want to perform at a higher level
If so, you might be a good caditate for 1:1 coaching. I can help you perform better as an athelte or entrepreneur quickly.
Jay Johnson
Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach
If you have ever felt like there was an invisible force holding you back from performing at your peak as an entreprenuer or as an athelte, then you're in the right place...

Hypnotherapy is the key to improving your mental game and breaking through limiting beliefs and engrained patterns that keep you from performing at your best — and it's my job to to help you create the changes needed to unlock new levels of performance in life, sports, and business.
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